On Wednesday 18 November we will be serving lunch to the teachers of New Hope School Pretoria (the school where we meet on Sundays).

We believe the gospel calls us to be salt and light in our community. So we thought that a practical way we could demonstrate this was to serve the teachers and staff of New Hope school. New Hope school is a school for children with special needs and the teachers and staff do a tremendous job in not always the easiest of circumstances.

If you would like to help please feel free to join us! But I cant cook… :(. No problem we are getting the food prepared by some pretty awesome chefs all we need help with is serving it to the 187 staff at the school (187?… yes that many…). We will start at 10:00am to prepare to serve the food at 11:00am. For directions have a look at the map at the bottom of this page or visit Google Maps.
If you are coming and are able to please bring a spatula to help lift out lasagne. Come ready to serve!