COVID-19 Update & Gatherings

Update #7: September 30th, 2020



Our worship services will continue to include a time of singing, praying and hearing the Word preached.


Masks: Masks/face coverings will be required for adults & children 5 or older at all times while inside the church building (unless you have an exemption). Rooted Fellowship will not be able to provide masks for everyone, so please bring your own.

Social distancing: Maintaining a social distance of at least 1,5m from others who are not part of your household is strongly encouraged.


We ask that you only sit with those who are part of your household and leave the appropriate distance between you and the next household (or an aisle).


Unfortunately, Children’s Discipleship is not available at this time. We will update you as soon as we are able to safely accommodate all kids again.


Whichever location is used for our Sunday Services, we will be limiting building access to the areas required to hold a service. Bathrooms will be available.


We will try to always have hand-sanitizing stations available, but bring your own to be safe!

If you are feeling sick or have exhibited any of the COVID-19 symptoms, please stay home and visit this link for more info.

If you suspect you have COVID-19 and/or receive a positive COVID-19 diagnosis after you attended a Rooted Fellowship service, please let us know immediately or email us at

Update #6: September 22nd, 2020

Birthday Cake, the 4th of October and Level 1 Lockdown

Hey Family!

As you can guess, after 7 months, we have some exciting news to share with you.  Please have a look at this short video with some important information regarding our birthday, the 4th of October and Level 1 Lockdown. (You will also get a glimpse of what a weekly Zoom Rooted staff meeting looked like before it was moved to a secret location…)

More details will follow in the coming days, but for now, click the PLAY NOW button below.

Until we chat again.
Grace & Peace.

Update #5: April 09th, 2020

Hey Fam!

We can imagine that Easter Weekend in #nationallockdown will be even harder for us, as we are used to celebrating this together, in person.

As followers of Jesus, this is ‘the highlight‘ of our year.
There is no Christian faith without the cross and the resurrection.
We are celebrating abundant, new, resurrection life because of the cross and the resurrection.

We have done our utmost to put together a guide for you to take you on an amazing journey through Easter Weekend.

You can can find the link on our Rooted Digital page or click the link to access that page –

Enjoy and feel free to share with friends and family!

Grace and peace.

Update #4: March 20th, 2020

Hey Family,

COVID-19: Sunday Services – What to Expect.

We hope you are doing well. Here follows a quick breakdown of what to expect this Sunday, at 09:30 am, as our normal rhythm is different.

Please remember that there will be NO SERVICE at our normal gathering space at New Hope School. We will, however, be sending out a Sunday Service Guide on Sunday for you to follow. This will include the following aspects:

1. Scripture – We will give you all the necessary references

2. Call to Worship – we even have Youtube links to follow for the songs so you can sing along

3. Spoken Word Piece

4. Moment of Stillness

5. Sermon – a link will be provided to access the message

6. Children’s Discipleship

7. Prayer Points

8. Discussion Points

9. Benediction

10. Stay Connected

Grace and peace



UPDATE #3: March 17th, 2020

Morning Family,

In light of the Presidential Announcement made on Sunday, 15 March 2020, we have decided to heed the counsel and leadership of our government – Romans 13 – and not gather for the next 3 Sundays.

As we get closer to Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we will communicate clearly and give more information on what the plan will be regarding that. At this point, unfortunately, we have decided to postpone, until further notice, the Eat & Run that was scheduled to happen Saturday, 11 April 2020.

We will pre-record our sermons and release our Sunday messages via the usual podcast platforms and possibly via a video platform as well. Please continue to regularly check your e-mails, as this is the best way for us to communicate with you at this time.

While we recognize the importance of our worship gatherings, we also prioritize the health and safety of people who attend our church and those in our community at large. We want to do our part in being ‘good neighbours’ (Mark 12:31).

We believe that our current “We Are.” series is a timely one that speaks to the situation we are currently facing as a nation, and so, our 3rd message in this 5-part series will be available this coming Sunday.

For those of you with children who participate in Children’s Discipleship, Kirsty (our Children’s Discipleship Director) and her team will be sharing resources to help you recreate, as best as possible, each Sunday’s lesson at home with your little ones.

Once again, we thank God for the hope that we, as Christians, find in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and we continue to pray for those affected by the Coronavirus – for the spread of this disease to stop, and for every person caring for those in need.

Trusting in Him, who is always Faithful.



UPDATE #2: March 16th, 2020

Hi Family,

We trust you are well. You may be aware of the President’s address last night regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and how this impacts the nation.

We want to let you know, in our efforts to ensure clear communication, that the leadership of the church will be in prayerful conversation regarding some next steps for us as a fellowship and how we will be conducting ourselves over the next few weeks. We will be sending you updates on what things will look like for our various gatherings over the next coming days and weeks in light of what was communicated by the President.

We ask for now that you continue to pray; for our nation, for those impacted by all this and for those who are vulnerable among us.

Let’s always remember that Jesus is still King, and because we believe this, let’s continue to boldly approach the throne of grace.
Pslam 62:8

Grace and Peace



UPDATE #1: March 14th, 2020

Hi family!

We trust and hope you are well, and are eagerly expecting the Lord to do something amazing, in and through us, yet again at our Sunday gathering tomorrow morning.

With the growing concerns around the spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to share with you our response and precautionary plans moving forward for our Sunday morning gatherings. This is because we love you and care for you and want to do our utmost best to protect everyone as far as possible.

First and foremost, as always, we want to be a Gospel-centred community, a people saturated in the love and grace of God. This means all our thoughts and actions are to be informed by, and are a response to, the good news of Jesus Christ’s finished work on the cross. Simply put, we want to ensure that, as we plan and execute, we do so being led by the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps some of us are feeling a rising level of anxiety or panic or fear and this, to some degree, is understandable. We are certainly living in unusual times.

What is important is seeking to remind ourselves of what is ultimately true, that which strengthens us to face anything and everything is the beautiful truth that in all things – GOD IS WITH US (Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 28:20).

Let’s remember that “God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self-control” (2 Timothy 1:7). In this passage, we should see the importance of Paul placing the words “love” and “self-control” in contrast with fear. Instead of fear, which can cause us to make quick and ill-advised decisions, self-control means we make decisions prayerfully and wisely.

We don’t panic. We pray. When we are tempted towards worry, we worship. We care for one another and remember that we are to “not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God” (Hebrews 13:16).

We want to be prepared to keep our church family, our neighbours and city safe, especially those who are most vulnerable among us.

We want you to know, we are continuing to closely monitor the situation in our country, which seems to be changing as more and more information is revealed. In an effort to be diligent, here are some of our precautionary plans in place in preparation for tomorrow’s Sunday gathering

To practice good infection control, we have decided to do or not do the following:

  1. We desire to continue being a welcoming and hospitable community, but want you to know that it’s ok to not shake hands and hug for a while. We will communicate some really cool ways that we can greet one another. Trust us, you will love them.
  2. We will not be serving any coffee, tea or treats tomorrow morning. This is an attempt to limit opportunities for infection to be passed on by people touching the same item (whether a cup or food) and then touching their faces/mouth.
  3. There will be bottled water for the adults and juice/water packs for the kids. #keepitgoing #keepitflowing #likethewater
  4. We will be providing individualized mini biscuit packets for those who come early for fellowship. So come early and don’t miss out.
  5. If you are a caregiver and are able to, we ask that you please pack a small snack for your kids.
  6. We will be disinfecting the hall, parents’ room and Children’s Discipleship area as best as we can before people gather for our worship time tomorrow. We are very thankful for our set-up and break-down team that will be aiding us in this.
  7. Continue to regularly wash your hands and practise general good hygiene.
  8. Continue to practise good cough and sneeze etiquette: all secretions should go into a tissue and be discarded.
  9. If you are sick or don’t feel well, stay at home and get better. If you have a fever, dry cough and difficulty breathing, please seek medical attention.
  10. Lastly, we will have a medical practitioner come up during the announcement time during tomorrow’s gathering to brief us on where we are as a nation and highlight some things we can continue to do to remain healthy and safe.

We are a praying people, and so, we will do so. For not only this pandemic, but also for those who battle with difficulties and illnesses every day.

Let’s also remember that we don’t need to be scared or anxious. Jesus is building His church, and even the gates of hell will not prevail against it. So let’s be a people marked by both wisdom and love during this time. Let’s look out for one another.

Let’s glorify God in everything.

We look forward to worshipping with you all tomorrow morning!