We would love to walk you through some next steps to deepen your relationship with Jesus and grow in your faith.


Baptism is one of the symbolic practices of the Christian faith, that we believe Jesus commanded us to do.  The English word baptism, comes from the Greek word ‘baptizo’, which literally means to ‘dip, plunge or immerse’.

Quite simply, we believe that the Bible presents baptism as an outward expression of an inward faith in Jesus. It’s a public declaration of the internal reality that I belong to Jesus and He has freed me and given me eternal life.

If you have not been baptised and would like to take this next step of obedience to Jesus, please send us an email at baptisms@rootedfellowship.com.



We say at Rooted Fellowship, that we were never created to live in isolation, but rather beautifully designed for fellowship. True life change happens in the context of relationships. Family Groups provide you with the opportunity for you to engage with a group of people who you can be real with. Everyone needs a group to grow, so join one and get involved.

I would like to join a FAMILY GROUP.