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This resource page is a platform we have created where from time to time we will make content available or point you to trusted Gospel sources, all with the intention to provide opportunities for people to discover and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ.


There are countless fasting practices to help promote fitness and wellness. That kind of fasting is an act of your personal will. Setting a law for yourself and obeying that law. The hope is that you will then achieve some health benefit if you abide by that self-imposition.

This is a helpful use for fasting but it is not Christian fasting. As we look to God’s first people in the Old Testament we can learn many good things about fasting. Though in some way or another, their fasting was always done according to the Law or demands of God.

For each of us who are in Christ, our fasting should be centred on Him. Fasting as a Christ-centred discipline is a Gospel gift.

We have a created a prayer and fasting guide for you to walk through over the next 14 days. We hope that this would help you see more of Jesus in your life and get you to take steps of faith and obedience towards the Good Shepherd.

Download Prayer & Fasting Guide